Monday, November 12, 2012

Neat Things You Can Make With Cookie Cutters

Tiny Dog Cookie Cutter Necklace Vintage 1950's - 60's Kitsch Baking Toy Assemblage Jewelry
I love cookie cutters because they're one of those personal things that I associate
with my mom, my grandmother, and family traditions. I come from a family that
loves to bake, so baking implements seem to hold a place near and dear to my heart. 

I love old fashioned cookie cutters, the handcrafted type, I like their simplicity,
their usefulness, and their handcrafted charm. I like the way cookie cutters remind
me of times spent over the years with my mother, baking for the holidays. 

I like the memories they bring back, and also the idea that I'm helping create
those same memories for my daughters when I bake with them.

Check out these new ways to look at cookie cutters and maybe you'll be inspired
to create your own cookie cutter masterpiece! 

Tiny Dog Cookie Cutter Necklace Vintage 1950's - 60's Kitsch Baking Toy Assemblage Jewelry

Cookie cutter as a napkin ring from Martha Stewart

Create your own glittered Halloween ornaments or visit The Merry Magpie to purchase!

Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath
Cookie cutter wreath from BHG

Easter cookie cutter craft from Hambly Screen Prints

cookie cutter 7

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  1. Great way to start my day! Thanks!

  2. These are such cool ideas! I might do the fudge one this year. And I like the altered hearts too!

    1. I like the fudge one too, would be great as gifts.

  3. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for compiling and sharing them. Yoda

  4. Very cool ideas. I really love the glittered ornaments and the wreaths. I might even try making the pin cushions.

    1. I think the pin cushions are so cute. They'd be great to make with heirloom cookie cutters!

  5. This is an awesome post. So many things I've never seen before and that always gets my mind moving. Thank you for putting this together. I enjoyed this!


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