Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Halloween Postcards

Vintage Halloween postcards
...turned into unique jewelry

I love the change in season from summer to fall. It’s early September and already our local grocery store has Halloween candy on display! Is it a bit too early for that? Maybe, but the lure of Halloween is one that I’ve always found charming. I’m especially fond of vintage Halloween items. Decorations, masks, costumes and postcards from years past have quite a different charm than those we see today.

The nostalgia of yesteryear is apparent in these vintage collectibles, and for many, brings back memories of childhood fun and games, costumes and trick-or-treating.

Halloween truly is a timeless holiday. What other time of year allows us to be something we are not, to fully use our imagination and allow reality to slip away, even if just for one night?

Halloween Postcards

I once read somewhere that Halloween collectibles are more desirable than collectibles from any other holiday, with Halloween postcards being some of the most sought after items
 due to their rarity. The illustrations and color lithography on these cards are beautiful.
Depictions of witches, black cats, jack’0 lanterns, as well as fortune games and scenes of 
children bobbing for apples are common designs. I personally am intrigued by those with 
anthropomorphic figures; the corn-cob man and the grinning pumpkin head girl, vegetable 
people with smiling faces.

It’s amazing to think that at one time (around the late 1800’s and on) Halloween postcards were once as popular as Christmas cards!

Be sure to check out my Halloween Postcard Jewelry. Each of my postcard pendant necklaces is reversible, with a different vintage Halloween image on each side.

I’ve been making jewelry from antique and vintage postcards for a number of years now, and in my opinion, the Halloween images are the most intriguing than those of any other 
holiday. (Aside from Halloween I also make them with Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day 
and St. Patrick’s Day postcards) …And don’t worry, no original postcards are harmed in the