Saturday, August 28, 2010

100 Abandoned Houses

100 Abandoned Houses...

photo by Kevin Bauman

I recently came across Kevin Bauman’s 100 Abandoned Houses website, which is a collection of his photographs of abandoned homes throughout the Detroit area.

photo by Kevin Bauman

There is something mesmerizing about these old, abandoned homes. One can only wonder about their history and past inhabitants.

I find some of the homes eerily inviting. I’m a curious kind of chick, and the allure of all things past combined with the period architecture as well as each home’s desperate state intrigues me.

photo by Kevin Bauman

In many of the photos, not only time, but nature has taken over; trees, shrubbery, bushes and weeds wrap like arms around the homes…nature enveloping what humans have long abandoned...

photo by Kevin Bauman

...almost as if to comfort and keep still the rotting dilapidated remnants of what once was grandeur.

all photos by Kevin Bauman

Click here to visit 100 Abandoned Houses