Monday, February 23, 2009

Springtime Inspiration: My Soldered Lace Pendants & My Stamped Molten Solder Technique

Stamped molten solder technique by Laura Beth Love

Vintage Lace Pendants by Laura Beth Love

Thank goodness springtime is right around the corner! The change of seasons always seems to offer just the right gentle push I need to leave behind the old and begin some new projects. I look forward to the refreshing & soft palette of spring - and to the longer days it affords! I created these pendants with pieces of antique lace & glass. 

Vintage lace necklace pendants

I've been hard at work creating lots of new designs and just finished up all of these vintage & antique lace pendants...sandwiched between glass and soldered. 

I can never get enough time in my workshop and like to spend as much time experimenting with new ideas and creating new techniques as I do creating the jewelry that I make on a regular basis. 

I first discovered stamping on molten solder in the early 1990's when I was a stained glass artist. Over the years I've gone from one art technique to the next and love to mix up my supplies and tools to see what magic I can create. 

I was featured as a contestant in Warner-Crivellaro's Battlefield Glass right around that time (what fun! I wish they still held that competition!) and was experimenting with imprinting on molten solder. That's when I discovered this technique (see below for an example) and fell in love with it. So, I'll continue to play and experiment and create new things, and I'll see you next time. Maybe day I will  publish all of my ideas in a book!

Stamped solder components by Laura Beth Love