Friday, February 22, 2013

The Upcycled Garden Volume 2: Using Recycled Salvaged Materials In Your Garden

I really enjoyed writing The Upcycled Garden blog post I did last year so I thought I'd
do another one (or two) of them this year. Before you know it spring will be upon us
(hopefully sooner rather than later!) so why not get those gears turning and think about
what creative ways you can use and display unique items in your yard and garden
this summer? Take a look at this collection and let me know what you think!

Coffee cans + chain + paint = A unique hanging planter
Can garden via Against the wood grain

Upcycled garden hose door mat by Mark Kintzel

Mosaic wall with embedded teacups for succulents

Painted wash tub garden via Indulgy

Simple birdbath made from a grapevine wreath, terracotta saucer, and rope

Upcycled bottle hummingbird feeder by Dee Luxford via Etsy

Tub settee from CleverJunk via Junkmarketstyle 

Chicken wire chandelier DIY from

Upcycled water fountain photo via Heartland Gardens

Bicycle lawn mower from Treehugger

Planter made from an old doll by Franglias Designs

Make a ginger-bird house to feed the birds like this one from Backyard Farming

Old sink on sewing machine base is now a unique planter. From Cherry Hill Cottage

Planter made from an old wagon & sewing machine base from Second Hand Rose

Use broken clay pot pieces in your planters to deter digging pests by gardengateenotes

Vertically hung garden fence edging serves as a unique trellis

Birdhouse chandelier

Recycled tin can hanging planters from Poppytalk

Old screen door used as a garden gate 

Chicken coop car (It's a Yolkswagon) 

Bowling ball + 714 marbles = unique garden art

Outdoor chandelier made with electric insulators by Brian at Gadget Sponge

Old electric glass insulators on copper pipes =  unique garden art

Copper pipe windchimes by SarahMc

Flower art via Just Imagine

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Please leave me a comment below! 

Have a great week!

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  1. I love the wreath bird bath and the last shot of the cello. Very pretty ideas!

    1. I thought the birdbath was a cute idea. Would make a nice gift for a gardener.

  2. I've seen a lot of posts like this, but yours is SO extensive — and charming!

    I've been holding on to 3 large coffee cans, thinking of creating the hanging up-side-down system for spices. This renews my enthusiasm for the idea.
    Screen doors have always made me feel nostalgic, in a very pleasant way. I'll find a way to remember this idea for when I own a house + yard. :)
    The choice of a bourbon bottle for the bird-feeder is hilarious. I would giggle whenever I saw a bird come back for a 'drink'...

    1. Glad you liked the post. I thought the bottle was funny too! And I feel the same way about the screen doors. They just scream nostalgia!

  3. wow, these are great ideas. What a wonderful list. I really liked the hose idea, the car-chicken house and the bycicle lawnmower! thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the post!

  4. Love these! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I use old glass insulators mounted on long nails (8"-10") stuck into ground as garden hose guides. The insulators spin on the nails as I pull my hoses by.

  6. Oh my good grief!!!! What inspirational ideas. Thanks you so much for sharing, have added a lot to pintrest here. Am so glad I keep up to dat e with your ideas and creations by e mail. I am moving home shortly so these garden ideas are so welcome. Thanks again
    Carol xxx

    1. Thanks for visiting Carol, glad you enjoyed the post.

  7. Laura...your upcycled items are AMAZING! Great can I go about copying these images for my personal use?

    1. Source links can be found in the text below the images. Thanks for visiting.

  8. great great great ideas! thanks!

  9. Thanks for the inpsirations. Loved all of them.

  10. i would be interested to know how you did the embedded tea cups. do you plan on posting any how to's with these items? if not on here would you mind emailing me the how to? it's

    1. Sorry, there is no DIY to go with that image. You probably could use regular mosaic supplies, and your adhesive would have to be one that goes with whatever material your base is made from. Would not plant directly in the cups either. Over time, moisture would probably pull the adhesive from the base if this were to get wet.

  11. So many great project. I am totally jealous!

  12. Perfect timing.. I am looking at ideas to put outside a window to hide the veiw of the garage.. The old door will be perfect.. plant some cannas etc.. DOne.. THANKS !

  13. I absolutely love this post. I see do many projects that I want to try. Thank you do much for sharing these eith me today.


  14. Saw this on Pinterest -- the bird feeder. I NEVER repin until I see the source and found all your ideas charming. The tin cans - GREAT for those large tomato sauce cans I am currently using (until I get my own tomatoes for sauce grown!) for herbs! Thanks for gathering these together.

  15. Super genial !!!!

  16. wife says i have to many guitars so i might use one for a flower spot good ideas thank you rdw

  17. Really love the imagination of these creations!

  18. loved the bicycle mower great way to get exercise and mowing the lawn loved the marble bowling ball great ideas


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