Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thrift Store HOT: Upcycled Sweaters!

Want to know what's hot in thrift store shopping right now?
I am going to tell you! 

Brrrr winter is right around the corner! Right now is the perfect time to create some cozy 
 accessories for you and your home by taking advantage of the fabulous prices of thrift shop
sweaters. Look in the men's sweater section for cashmere sweaters. These super soft
luxuries work great transformed into pillow covers, accessories, or coordinate a few
 and sew them together into a blanket for a friend!

*Remember my friends: Pay no mind to that spot of ink on the cuff or tiny hole near the 
label. If the rest of the sweater looks great and is what you are looking for, get it. Don't let 
a small flaw hold you back from the perfect sweater if you aren't going to be using that part
of the sweater in your project. Note the flaw to the clerk and they may even give you a discount.
It never hurts to ask, I always do! 


  1. Love them all! makes ya want to get in the car and go to the nearest thrift store :)

  2. love them, especially the pillow & coats - but wouldn't they fray?

  3. Great ideas here, I'll have to got find some old sweaters.

  4. Good ideas! Love Frankensweaters, bag, stars, and pillows,...

  5. Too cool! Loved so many. I get my sweaters at estate sales..some to felt and some to wear! You can get a hand knit fisherman's sweaters for $2! My current tote is an upcycled sweater with appliqued dyed flowers made out of..felted sweater! I'd like to make a throw..pillows..and more!I am totally a sweater girl. (so many exclamation points!)

    1. I got tons of men's cashmere sweaters for $2-$3 each at the thrift shop!

  6. Thanks for sharing my sweater bag! Lots of neat ideas here.

  7. Hi! Great ideas! I found your blog seeing those cute pine cones in pinterest. I have made 'pinwheel-stars' from re-cycled knitting. If you like to see them, they are in my blog and my etsy shop www.tejesarita.etsy.com I'll go to read more your blog! Wishes from Greece!

  8. Great article...thanks for sharing my arm warmers :)


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