Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picket Fences: Salvaged & Repurposed

The picket fence is symbolic of...

They are simple and humble, and traditionally organic.
They're nostalgic, and represent comfortable home life.
They bring to mind gardens, and the outdoors.

Used in the United States since Colonial times, picket fences 
are classic Americana. Check out how some creative folks have 
repurposed salvaged wooden fence pickets and turned them
 into unique home and garden decor.

Mirrored picket fence Alyson Schotz photo by Erik Anestad

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  1. wow.... i can't decide which i like best!!! i'm definitely fond of the bed and the mirroe close to the top, but the actual mirrored fence is crazy awesome! Love this post! thanks for sharing!

    <3 Bethany @ The Sepia Puppy


  2. I particularly love the "tote" with the branch going through it...
    These are actually pretty cool! :)

  3. Wow..that mirrored fence is awesome! I like the mirror up top too..looks like a big sunflower. edited to add am having trouble proving I am not a robot..I am on try 3! try 6..wth am I that dense?

  4. Thanks for the feature! Love your creativity and talent!

  5. I love all these fabulous ideas for the gardens!! Thanks for rounding up some awesome projects.
    Debbie :)

  6. A great collection of pickets! It would be hard to pick a favorite. I love them all. I have a welcome planter, something like the red one in the first picture, mine is a little smaller though, and I made a rustic Texas flag from pickets too! Thanks for sharing these picket projects! Pinning!

  7. This is perfect! I'm about to make a picket fence to hang on my wall many ideas here.

  8. Love your ideas, but when I cut old pickets the cut wood looks way newer and much lighter in color. Any ideas?

    1. Maybe try a wood stain or paint wash or pickle (thinly watered down paint)


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