Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creative Ways To Use Pallets Outdoors & In Your Garden

In my previous blog post, God Save The Pallet: Reclaimed Pallets Revamped,
I shared many ways to rebuild and repurpose pallets into furniture and home decor. 

Now check out some creative ways to use pallets in your outdoor landscape. Enjoy!

DIY pallet flower garden by OneHundredDollarsAMonth

I love the sunny yellow paint

On a final note: A word about safety and wood pallets 
Be advised that some pallets are chemically treated and could actually be hazardous to your health. There are regulations in the US which require pallets to be treated with either chemicals or heat before being shipped overseas. The safest kind of pallets to use for projects are those that are marked "HT" on the wood - that means they have been heat treated by being dried in a kiln.

Aside from chemicals, pallets can also harbor bacteria, insects, and mold. You never know where a pallet has been, or if it could have come in contact with something dangerous, or if it was used to ship a hazardous material such as a pesticide.

Keep these things in mind when considering your pallet project.

Check out God Save The Pallet: Reclaimed Pallets Revamped for tons of great ideas for reusing and upcycling wood pallets!

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Have a great week! 

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  1. I would like to use pallets to build a small patio. Would love hear from anyone who has done this. I will be using many of your ideas here. Thanks!

    1. I, too, would like to see some ideas about this. I have recently found a decent source of pallets and a new reclaimed deck sounds nice.

  2. Those are some unique ways of using pallets in the garden. I particularly like the wall mounted pallets and the wood path ideas, and I just might get some pallets to add to my yard. I also like the idea of the garden tool storage, but I would probably make one for a broom/map storage inside the house, or maybe a stand for the metal poles we keep in the garage. Thanks for the ideas! Project time! :)

    Eryn Ballesteros

  3. I love working with pallets and never pass up a chance to see what someone else has done. I got a bunch of great ideas from your page! Thanks! I did my version of hanging planters that you can check out at come visit.

  4. Hello there..such beautiful ideas..I hv been searching for pallets but don't find them..where can I get them?

  5. I just went through all of the pallet dezines I want to make all of them, awesome stuff I was thinking some of these would make great gifts also.

  6. Planting flowers on a tray is a great idea, your little garden is so charming, I can't wait to try it.


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