Thursday, January 5, 2012

Creative Uses for Vintage Suitcases

Don't throw out that vintage suitcase! Instead, why not upcycle it into something new and stylish for your home? Check out these creative recycled & upcycled suitcase and luggage ideas and be inspired!

DIY suitcase side table by Songbird


also from Recreate...put up your feet!


Kitty bunkbeds by lovenostalgicwhimsy via Etsy

 occasional table (above and below)

Tell me: In what creative way would YOU use vintage suitcases?

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I hope you have a great week! Laura

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  1. Wow, I am in awe of how many great ideas there are here! I especially love the kitty bed and the dresser drawers.

  2. These are all great but my favorite is that little foot stool. :)

    Marilyn - visiting from EBT

  3. The suitcase wall is especially jaw-dropping.

    I've had a vintage suitcase in my garage for a decade now, waiting for me to get to it. It took your post to light a fire under me. I just realized I have the perfect curvy wooden legs for it, salvaged from a side table.


  4. Awesome! I love the nightstand and medicine cabinet. They have so much character!

  5. OH MY GOSH - these rock! I so want that little blue one for sure! Off to check that out closer!

    via Etsy Blog Team

  6. That suitcase to medicine cabinet is so clever. I also love the idea of them as drawers!


  7. Love the kitty bed (and so would my little kitty)! :-) What a great way to get inspired by something so simple. Now to just find a vintage suitcase...


    1. They're not hard to find! Thrift usually shops have tons :)

  8. Well I want the suitcase wall as well as a few other of these great ideas... amazing!!!!!

  9. Thanks for your comments, I hope you are inspired!

  10. LOL..I found your blog the other day on the Etsy blog team and was on Pinterest tonight and saw the suitcase dressers which brought me right back here! I guess I love your taste! I bought that issue of Somerset Studios specifically because of the suitcase wall on the cover..too fabulous! I have several vintage suitcases..mine are mostly stacked. They hold my photographs and several hold my art supplies. I esp. like them to hold my old paper/wallpaper/magazines. I actually have a "Glitter suitcase" and one beauty case that holds my bottles of paint.Yay for vintage suitcases!

  11. GREAT idea to use them to hold photos & magazines!

  12. I used mine as a vanity of sorts. I leave it open on top of my dresser and display all of my pretty perfume bottles.

  13. wow- look at all those ideas - i love the kitchen storage cupboard idea and thanks for including my sewing craft suitcase! (MiraNarnie)

  14. Amazing. Simply amazing. I am stunned... Thank you for this fantastic pots, I enjoyed it so much. I am in love with the white side table and the suitcase wall. Now I need a suitcase...

  15. How about toilet tissue in the bathroom? If there are pockets, put extra soap or bath salts in for a pretty smell. Stash a few magazines inside so they don't leave a mess in the bathroom. Add a couple of those vintage hankies in the belts for decoration!

    I have an old trunk that I wanted to redo but I'm thinking differently now. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    I have a wicker suitcase that I store my piano music in and I have a plant on top of the closed lid. :)

  16. old suitcases just go so well with everything! Great ideas!


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