Thursday, May 31, 2018

Upcycled Ironing Boards: New Uses For Old Ironing Boards

Ironing board jewelry hanger made with old wooden thread spools by erinplainandsimple 

I believe that you can upcycle just about anything, giving it new life and increased value. I also believe that incorporating these upcycled items into your home can be a really cool and inexpensive way to add interesting style to your home.

One household item that is fading fast from homes is the ironing board. I see one at just about every thrift store I visit. But did you know that you can use old ironing boards in really creative ways to accent your home? 

Check out these innovative ideas for upcycling ironing boards! 

DIY Ironing Board Plant Hanger Project
You will need:
A small metal ironing board
Spray paint
Wire and wire cutters
Old glass bottles or old glass vases
Optional: Magnets and E6000 adhesive

1. Remove ironing board cover and prepare surface to be spray painted by removing all sticky labels and dirt with a damp cloth. Dry. 
2. In a well ventilated area or outdoors, spray paint the metal ironing board whatever color you desire. I love a bright pop of turquoise, red, or purple. Allow to dry completely, overnight is best.
3. Use long lengths of wire to wrap the necks of the bottles and vases, wrapping the wire around the neck three or four times until it is very secure. Next thread the wire through the holes in the ironing board to the back side of the board and then back through another hole back to the front of the board, securing the bottle tightly to the board. Do this a few times until the bottle is securely wired to the board. Wrap the tail end of wire around the neck of the vase.
4. Alternately, use strong magnets to attach your bottles to the ironing board by first checking that the magnets will stick to the board. Then use strong adhesive such as E6000 to adhere the magnets to the bottles or vases. Allow adhesive to dry over night.
Summery ironing board mini bar

 A unique way to use a vintage wooden ironing board

Creative ribbon and craft storage

Vintage wooden board with a nice display of plants. Boards are best displayed in areas of low traffic where they are out of the way of getting bumped or tripped over.

Smaller sized ironing boards are great for jewelry storage. This one was left unpainted.

Ironing board display with magnets 

Turn an old wooden ironing board into a painted sign for your laundry room

Ironing board seat by

Ironing board wine rack

Do you use an ironing board in your home?

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