Sunday, February 12, 2017

Artists Who Mingle In Different Mediums - Spare Time Illustration

I noticed that I've been spending an extra bit of money on art supplies lately, and yesterday I told myself that I would not buy any more paint!  I just needed a last few watercolor colors, and they were on sale, and well, I might as well buy the professional grade paints just in case - by chance - I land up creating something of merit. At least that's what I told myself ha ha...

But I'm drawn to drawing. I like to not just sketch out images, but I like slow, semi-intricate creative drawing, like the feathers in the photo above. These are things that come directly from my own imagination. I create them for fun and for relaxation, and I just started drawing a few on watercolor paper so that I might be able to add color to them if the mood strikes later on.

A few months back I shared this photo on my Instagram and laughed when I realized it looked like I was drawing wire and bead jewelry designs in my drawings. You can join me on Instagram at

I like to use black pens and different types of black ink, and pencils too. When I draw or paint, it's like a break from the constant jewelry making that is my day to day effort. 

You might think that when an artist takes a break from their artwork that they might participate in a completely different activity - and I'm sure this is often true - but lots of artists find great relaxation and rejuvenation in playing around with and experimenting with different creative mediums. 

I think that's why you often hear of illustrators who were once textile designers, or potters who like to play with paint, or painters who like to work with jewelry. 

Sometimes our hands and minds need something else to do, something new to try. The stream of colors and shapes and designs and ideas never stops coming, but sometimes it's like my hands and brain want to organize them - and give them to the world - in a different way. 

Ink and paint illustration 

There is something magical about a fresh new pack of paper. Maybe it's the possibilities. No matter how you plan, you never quite know exactly how things will play out.

I like the small tubes of paint and the power that they hold. It's almost electric, and you can feel it all inside you if you just give it a chance.

I like what I draw. I like to see my imagination and personal creativity on paper instead of always in metal, wire, and gemstones. It makes me happy, and I think this is because I draw only for myself, without much concern of what other people think. There is great difference of freedoms between creating for yourself - for the sake of just creating - and creating to impress. I think you forsake your freedom in the latter.

What are your favorite creative endeavors? 

I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Laura

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