Thursday, September 12, 2013

Awesome Halloween Home Decorating Ideas

I love a good scare, don't you?
I also love how people find such joy in decorating their homes for holidays...
In this case, Halloween! 

Whether you like to decorate your home indoors or outdoors, there are
tons of great Halloween props that you can make yourself at little
or no cost. The key is to find some inspiration and then let your creativity
run wild. Some hints: Shop thrift stores for materials you can use such as old 
clothes for scarecrows, or for cloth material remnants (think sheets, tulle) to build
your own ghoul. Some thrift shops also have a Halloween costume section, so be 
sure to check that out too. 

Check out my picks for the most creative and unusual Halloween decorations!

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I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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  1. they are realy good!!


  2. I wrote a post about my Halloween decorating today, so this is very timely!

  3. Oh, these are so fun! Thanks for sharing, your collections are always so inspiring!

  4. Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child and I enjoy it more and more, as many people do. Wonderful choices, as usual. I own or have owned, 3 black cats so Halloween is especially fun since there are so many example of my little friends used as decorations or for sale around town. Black cats are GOOD luck in England. Unfortunately, they are the first to be euthanized, since people adopt them the least from shelters, next are white cats. So, think about black kitties when adopting, they are visually so stunning, dressed all in black. Classy.

  5. Cool selection of Halloween stuff, I love the first image, it's really creepy!

  6. Wow...these people really go all out! The time and creativity that go into these projects is just amazing!

  7. Hi Laura. I love each image. Halloween isn't very big in Australia but it's becoming more so. We all admire the amazing costumes and decorations and are envious of the fun to be had. I'm sharing your blog on my Facebook Page so everyone can get a kick out of the images. Sian :)

  8. FABULOUS finds!! Love those tree people. Very spooky.

  9. What a fantastic collection of ideas, Laura!

  10. Some of them are really scary, especially the helping hands and the eerie spectre !

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  12. Does anyone know how the Helping Hands around the tree was made? would love to copy!


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