Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fairy Gardens Made From Broken Flower Pots With DIY

Don't throw away those broken clay pots! Look at what you can create with a broken pot
or two, a few small plants, some potting soil, and a little imagination. Why not turn your 
broken pots and pottery into a beautiful fairy garden? Every garden can use a little magic, so
why not attract a garden fairy or two of your own? :)  You can incorporate all types of 
miniatures into  your fairy garden; think about what natural materials you might use
such as acorns, stones, and twigs to create fairy decor. Doll house miniatures also work
well. Take a look at these creative examples of fairy gardens and be inspired!

Fairy garden by

Succulent mini garden by Gabriel via Deavita

Another pretty example via Pinterest (unknown source)

Fairy garden from

Don't have any broken terra cotta flower pots of your own to create a fairy garden?
 Don't break any! Instead, use a regular unbroken pot, or how about some other creative
 container like these pictured below? Small vintage suitcases, tool boxes, and even an
old wash basin tub can become magical fairy gardens with just a little bit of imagination!

This old wash tub makes a charming fairy garden!

Have a great week!

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  1. I've always loved fairy gardens. I think people are so ingenious when they use what they've got laying around. I made one myself a few years ago, but my cats immediately tore it apart. Maybe one day...

    Zylo from Etsy Blog Team.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this so so much! I would love to make one myself one day!
    Definitely a project for the future! x

  3. Oh what a fun, fun post. So much inspiration and your creations are lovely. Love the layers and layers of such fun elements. Love the idea or re-purposing EVERYTHING!! Thanks so much for sharing all the great photos. Have a Happy Mother's Day with you and yours.

  4. These are incredible! I love the one with the tiny colourful houses :)

  5. All these are lovely! I am planning to make one this summer, thnaks for all the great ideas:)

  6. Very cute! Maybe I could keep a tiny garden alive? lol


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