Friday, November 27, 2015

Scenes From A Pennsylvania Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! I love Thanksgiving. The kids are off from school for a few days, we get to relax and spend time together and with our family, and we get to enjoy each other's company while we share a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving meal together. We have a lot to be thankful for! We are healthy, happy, and we have each other. What more could anyone need? 

My sister Lisa hosts our Thanksgiving celebration each year. She is a fabulous cook and has great style! I love her beautiful home. She always goes out of her way to make the celebration extra special for our family. Each year I take lots of photos, and this year I am sharing them with you! I hope you enjoy a peek into our traditional Pennsylvania Thanksgiving.   

The table is set!

My daughter Rachel with Sam.

Let's see what's going on in the kitchen...
Pronto smells turkey!


The cutest salt and pepper shakers ever!

Have a seat!

What a pretty table! 

We are thankful.

Traditional Thanksgiving foods vary from region to region across the United States and each family has their own particular favorites and their own traditions. Our dinner typically includes an oven-roasted turkey, a stuffing or filling made with bread, onions, celery, butter, mashed potatoes and spices that is baked in the oven, turkey gravy, sauteed green beans, a baked casserole of cauliflower with a cheese sauce, some type of lettuce salad (this year we had a Caesar salad), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread rolls or some type of bread, and sweet potatoes or yams that are usually boiled and then fried in butter and brown sugar. Our traditional deserts are pumpkin pie, apple pie, and sometimes pumpkin roll (a thin, rolled cake with a cream cheese filling), and pecan pie. Served with coffee of course! 

Fried candied sweet potatoes are my favorite...

...tied with homemade mashed potato bread stuffing.

My mother makes the best pumpkin pies!

...and my daughters and their cousin Frankie made this fabulous apple pie!

We are thankful for...

...each other.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day!


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Brought back memories of our Thanksgivings. I make a cornbread-sausage stuffing and a sweet potato dish that's a little different from the usual ones. The first time I made it our granddaughter refused to eat any of it because she doesn't like sweet potatoes. My husband finally talked her into taking a small bite and we haven't been able to keep her out of it since then.

  2. Such a lovely photo journal of the day :) Us Canadians had our Thanksgiving in early October so I'm always puzzled by the "quickest thanksgiving side dishes EVER" posts in my newsfeed up until last week...this post ties things together for me :)