The Alchemic Collection - New Mixed Metal Jewelry

Here's a peek at some new jewelry I've been working on, it's a mixed-metal
collection I've named The Alchemic Collection, due to the mix of materials
used (sterling silver, copper, and silver solder) and the unique look and feel of 
the pieces. I'm highly influenced by Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mystical and Organic
styles, and with this collection my goal was to combine some combinations of 
those styles and create something a little different. It kind of keeps with the 
theme of "new vintage" - I combine elements of vintage designs, but 
give them a modern or contemporary twist. Check it out!

Ivy & blue-green Magnesite

Tree pendant with Turquoise Howlite

This wing pendant turned out to be my favorite, and I can't part with it!

What do you think?

all designs copyright Laura Beth Love 2013


  1. These are spectacular.. I love the crescent moon and the you made them with metal sheet or wire?

  2. Oh wow, these pieces are really beautiful, I think the crescent moon and the crystal point pendant are my favourites.

    Sharon x